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Arma3sync manual

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Shaman, Jan 3, 2015.

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    Shaman [45th GSR]

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    Manual for Arma3sync

    Step 1. Launch arma3sync, enter at first left page (inset) "addon option", push blue cross at right side of window and add path to root folder of arma3. After when you added it, inset Addon option must to look like on Pic 1.

    Pic 1:

    Step 2. After when you added path to root folder of Arma3, follow to inset -> "Repositories" on right side of insets (Pic 2, Action 2). Next, push blue cross. After it you could see new window like on screenshot. In new window first pole (line) "Public auto config url", you need to copy-paste this link (repo link): ftp://olympus.hia3.com/a3s/.a3s/autoconfig and press "Import", wait some second and information about server addons in repo download, when it ready press -> "ОК". (Pic 2, Action 3, Action 4, and Action 5)

    Pic 2:

    Step 3. Now you could see new window -> it is windows of server mods repo, with addons\mods selection. Close arma3sync now, and restart it. When you restarted it again you see something like at screenshot 1, follow to right inset of repo and marke your repo at first , it could be marked by blue line (sreenshot 1 action 1), after it click the bottom right button at right vertical menu "connect to repositories" (look to screen 1, action 2).

    Now connect to repo again, and now you could see at right window list of server addons and mods, select entered path to arma in list at first, (screen 3, action 1). When you checked path line, follow to left window and click "check addons" (screen 3 action 2), a3s show you after synhronization complete - list of addons which nedd to update, marks reds addons in right window (screen 3 action 3), and after it click in left window button "Download addons", button look like dvd player button -> "play".(screen 3 action 4), when all updated, recheck all again, for sure, what all update correct. It is all. Good luck in game :)

    @ - Required
    & - Additional
    # - Client-Side

    Pic 3:

    Pic 4:

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