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Тема в разделе 'Олимп на Русском [Форум]', создана пользователем Kiborg, 9 дек 2014.

  1. Оффлайн

    Kiborg Zeus

    На форуме с:
    12 ноя 2014
    Предлагаю на рассмотрение несколько модов, которые могут добавить в игру террористов и исламских экстремистов.

    ISIS and ChDKZ
    This is OPFOR which are currently in the Afghan army&police, militia ISIS and Chechen militants ChDKZ. All these armies are using RHS Escalation vehicles and equipment like a BMPs, tanks and etc. Whole addon is compatible with ZEUS and ALIVE. All armies are mostly armed in AK weapons. All equipment is retextured in good quality textures. Addon is based on real opfors but not at all. Not every army is real equipped. All armies are on red side - OPFOR. This is first release of this addon so please bear with us.
    What armies are in addon?
    - ISIS militia
    - ChDKZ militia
    - Afghan National Army & Police
    - Ultranationalists Army (beacuse of Russians )

    - Middle east irregulars (BIS guerilla with iranian heads, speaking farsi) armed with RHS mod weapons.
    - African irregulars (BIS guerilla with african heads, speaking farsi) armed with RHS mod weapons.
    - East european irregulars (BIS guerilla with RHS heads, speaking russian) armed with RHS mod weapons.
    - West european irregulars (BIS guerilla with NATO heads, speaking english) armed with US RHS mod weapons.
    - To be used as OPFOR

    Оба мода созданы под РХС.
    CHUI нравится это.
  2. Оффлайн

    Shaman [45th GSR]

    На форуме с:
    29 ноя 2014
    Добавлять можно но имхо не всех..... На первом и последних скринах и около танка тоже - как то устало выглядят....
  3. Оффлайн

    WARNING New Member

    На форуме с:
    20 ноя 2013
  4. Оффлайн

    WARNING New Member

    На форуме с:
    20 ноя 2013
  5. Оффлайн

    ZeRoKoOl New Member

    На форуме с:
    13 ноя 2014
    CHUI нравится это.

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